Setting: A stucco mansion in the painted dessert of Arizona, surrounded by a labyrinth hedge maze garden.

Site Info: Sonora Academy is a role-playing site where authors write for one or more students learning to be witches and wizards. Based on the Harry Potter series, this site focuses on an American wizardry school in Arizona. Hogwarts exists but the plot and characters of Harry Potter do not.
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SA40 is in progress! Midterm will begin on Friday, September 2, 2022. Student Applications are always OPEN, but our admins will determine whether new applicants should be considered late arrivals for this term or start next term based on how far term has progressed.

Classes for all grade levels are available.

Quidditch sign ups/try outs have been posted on the pitch.

Team Challenges have kicked off with a meet and greet session.

New author applications will be answered within 48 hours. Please check junk mail or contact us if you do not hear anything.
New and prospective authors are welcome to practice in the pen pals thread.

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