Staff Application

This is the Faculty application.

Please read the Roleplaying Rules before filling out this application.

Please note that names from Harry Potter books are unacceptable

The ability to write both creatively and articulately is the cornerstone of any roleplaying community. Therefore, we ask that you provide a sample post for your character. Please read the roleplaying rules before writing the sample post. Applications that do not follow these rules WILL NOT be accepted. Also, your sample post should be AT LEAST 200 words long as this is the minimum length for posts on the site. Applications containing a sample post that is too short and/or contains a considerable amount of spelling or grammatical errors are not likely to be accepted.

Your post should be a sample lesson for professor characters or position specific for other characters.

It is STRONGLY recommended you keep a copy of your submitted application, as they have been known to disappear once sent. Thank you.