Selina Skies

June 17, 2022 5:12 AM
The large tawny owl swooped in towards the house, trying to maintain an air of subtlety as it tapped on the window. To some degree, it would be expected. All the Muggleborn students had been visited by their liaison by now. They had a broad understanding of the school and its workings, including the fact that all future letters would be delivered by owl. For those from magical backgrounds, of course, this was perfectly normal, and a number of Sonora’s owls were heading to those sorts of homes too - they were on missions to those with no prior connection to the school, no family enrolled already to answer questions and make them feel welcome, in order to try to make the whole process of settling in a little easier.

The school had taken care to select the more patient and docile of its birds, the kinds that wouldn’t nip or fuss at inexperienced, perhaps slightly nervous hands as they attempted to relieve them of their letters. The kind that appreciated an owl treat (because after all, who didn’t love those little pellets of brown and mousy goodness?) but who would not ruffle their feathers and sulk if such a thing was unavailable. The kind that would wait patiently a couple of days, in case any response to the letter they carried was forthcoming.

The missive the owl delivered addressed the new student by their name, and then continued with the same message for each:

We are pleased that you have selected Sonora Academy as your new school. We are excited to welcome you on September 1st. We know it can be daunting starting a new school, and we would like to make that easier by offering you the chance to exchange letters with an existing student.

The project is voluntary. If you would be interested in taking part, please write back with a letter of introduction. Our owl will wait two days for your response. After that, you will be assigned a pen-pal who is currently in their first year at school, with whom you can exchange letters during the summer.

Please specify in your response whether you have an owl at home or easy access to a local owl office. We will try to pair people to ensure access to owls, and can provide information about local services or loan of a school owl where necessary.

We look forward to welcoming you in September,

Selina Skies,
Deputy Headmistress.

The term itself was drawing to a close, but the deadline provided would give them time to set up partnerships and check the owl statuses of those involved. There probably wouldn’t be time to do much more than share a couple of letters during the summer break, but hopefully it would give the new starters a feeling of familiarity with the school, and a more comfortable beginning.

OOC: OOC - welcome to Sonora! You have received the above letter and can now reply to it. Your post should be a mixture of narration (describing your character getting the letter) and quoting the actual letter they write in return.

At this point, your character is aware of Sonora, and has been accepted. If they are Muggleborn, someone has been to visit to explain the basics of the world to them.

If everything goes well with these threads, we are willing to consider them canon interactions (they really happened for your character). As noted above, there will be a thread limit here of three posts per person, as we’re working within a set time frame (the summer holiday) and with something that would be time consuming (writing and sending letters).

Remember that a post needs to be at least 200 words. As you are at home, you may write for other characters of your own, such as family members, but it would be preferable to write as much as possible from just your student's point of view.

Some things to consider:
- How does your character feel about getting a pen pal? About using owl post?
- What background can you show us in terms of their home - give us a sense of the environment they are writing in
- What writing materials do they use? Are they using a quill or a ballpoint pen? Do they have neat writing?
- What are their thoughts and feelings about the content of their letter? Are they an open book, or is there a contrast between what they are saying and thinking?

We will start posting the new school year on June 17th, though from our characters' point of view, it's September 1st. Until that time, please only post on the sandbox or OOC page.

If you have any questions, please put them in notes to me as we post, write them on the OOC page, email us, or join our student chatzy. (Password: sonorachat)
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