Philippe Delachene

Written By: Nathan

Philippe Delachene

Character Information

Age: 13
Birthday: August 21
Gender: Male
Wand: Pear Wood with Unicorn Hair, 13 inches
Face Claim: Isaac Andrews

Student Demographics

Year 3
House: Teppenpaw


All Time

Total Posts: 33
Total Threads: 17
Total Words: 15092
Longest Post: 768 words
Longest Thread: 9 posts

Physical Description

Philippe has short curly blond hair (it had been lighter when he was younger, but now it was equally accurate to call it light brown as it was to say dark blond) and brown eyes. He is a little on the shorter side of average, but not so much that it's very noticeable. He dresses fashionably out of self-defense.

Family & Friends