Anastasia Delachene

Written By: Nathan

Anya Delachene

Character Information

Preferred Name: Anya Delachene
Age: 15
Birthday: May 5
Gender: Female
Wand: Sycamore & Phoenix Feather
Face Claim: Rebecca Bloom

Student Demographics

Year 5
House: Pecari
Badge(s): Prefect
Best Class: CoMC


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Physical Description

Anya has curly dark brown hair. It often flies off in all directions unless someone who cares takes the effort to tame it. Anya herself is rarely that person unless threats are made against things that matter more to her than the state of her hair.

She is small but fit, having a build similar to a gymnast. More often than not, some kind of scrape, bruise, or bandage is visible on her arms, legs, or face from where she ran through a briar patch or jumped out of a tree or fell off her broom while trying something risky. Her clothes are likewise often torn and dirty from the same sorts of activities, but that’s fine because they are never anything fancy anyway. Anya strongly prefers to wear jeans and simple t-shirts (with a flannel overshirt if it’s cold) and convincing her to wear anything else is guaranteed to require bribes or threats or both.

Important Character Threads

First Impressions
Anya attends her sister's Concert the year before she begins
Best Day Ever!
The first challenge is an obstacle course. It's awesome.
Seeking Help
Homework isn't hard, but doing homework is.
First Year Bonfire
Jasmine asks a favor


Anya is the youngest adopted daughter of Holly and Raoul Delachene. Her sister Jasmine was everything Holly wanted in a daughter, and Anya was everything she didn't. Holly plays favorites and Anya deeply resents this, though she mostly doesn't hold it against Jasmine. Despite the lack of hostilities, the two girls are very different with few overlapping interests or values, leaving them only horses to bond over. Anya gets along better with her brother than her sister, as they are both closer in age and have more in common, including Not Being Holly's Favorite. Raoul is more impartial than his wife toward their three children, but Anya still believes he favors Philippe more than her.

Family & Friends

Sister: Jasmine Delachene (Crotalus, four years older)
Brother: Philippe Delachene (Too Young for Sonora, two years younger)
Father: Raoul Delachene (Pecari)
Mother: Holly Delachene (formerly Holly Greer, aka Holly Thistle of the Hollywood Thistles, a muggleborn Pecari)
Uncle: Daniel Nash (Aladren)