Nathan Xavier

July 09, 2021 10:16 PM

[Staff Meeting] About the tents this year... by Nathan Xavier

Nathan raised a hand when the floor of the staff meeting was opened to new concerns. "We're having the bonfire this year, right, with the tents?" When he got confirmation of this (which he didn't really need, but it was more to orient everyone to the topic he wanted to bring up) "Two of my intermediate students - that is, two male students - have been holding hands in the common room lately, and I wonder if we need to suggest a chaperone for them if they chose to tent together?"
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Mary Brooding-Hawthorne

July 09, 2021 10:20 PM

We're probably too late. by Mary Brooding-Hawthorne

Mary smiled softly. "That's not a bad idea, although I'd warn that I don't think this is the first year that has happened, if unknown to staff. There are two girls this year holding hands as well, and several sets of platonic male-female friend groups. I'm not sure there's an easy solution. Let people tent with anyone they want and warn them we'll be doing unannounced tent checks throughout the evening?" she suggested, only about a quarter joking.
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Giselle Duell

July 09, 2021 10:30 PM

*Sigh* by Giselle Duell

Giselle wasn't sure what whether or not to say anything, since she well knew who the 'girls holding hands' were, or at least one set of them anyway. She was pretty certain that the pair she knew about weren't going to be any trouble. As far as she could tell, the half of that pair that talked to her whenever she got the chance had literally next to no idea what the issue would be. So, Giselle did what she usually did at in these meetings, she didn't say anything. That had the additional advantage of not drawing unnecessary attention to herself, which was fine.
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Osvaldo Alamilla

July 09, 2021 10:32 PM

I've got an idea by Osvaldo Alamilla

Osvaldo grumped from his his place at the table. "This seems simple enough. We'll just have single occupant tents." Why was this a big problem?
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Tarquin Fox-Reynolds

July 09, 2021 10:39 PM

Or... by Tarquin Fox-Reynolds

Tarquin tried not to catch Mary’s eye, wondering if she was thinking what he was thinking. Namely, that sometimes straight people’s blinkers could really, really work to their advantage… Unfortunately though, it seemed the straights had finally caught onto the idea that single sex sleeping arrangements did not rule out… teenage behaviour. He felt vaguely like he was turning traitor for trying to problem solve this, except for the fact that the students did seem younger and younger each year…

"That's one solution," he acknowledge Osvaldo, although it seemed somewhat anti-social. And if even he, the world's biggest introvert, was thinking that maybe killed the fun slightly, that was probably crossing a line.

“It used to always be four to a tent. It got revised because math doesn’t always work out that way. But we could say a minimum of three to make sure people aren’t sharing as a couple. There’s also variations on the corridor spell… Charm each bed to be single occupancy and throw anyone else out.” Some students, just trying to sit and paint nails or giggle with their friends, would get a nasty surprise. Some creative queer students would work out that they could send their tent mate out for snacks and make out on the floor. There was never going to be a total solution, but it was a start.

“Might be worth applying some of that in the dormitories too.”
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Lawrence Marsh

July 11, 2021 11:46 AM

Birds, bees, and sex ed by Lawrence Marsh

OOC: Talk about the existence of underage sexual activities. BIC:

Lawrence just shook his head. They were all animals. Humans especially social ones. Any time you threw a bunch together there was going to be pairing or, depending on the group, more. Still this entire thing brought up an issue that Lawrence had been pondering for a while.

"Why don't we simply have a sex ed class? That's what you're all worried about right?"

He knew that some parents would be aghast. After all his parents would have been.

"They are teenagers and human. No matter what we do they are going to figure something out. It's just what happens with beasts at that age. Why not give them the correct information? And advanced students can make their own choices about tents? And have larger tents for younger students? No reason to penalize students for being human."
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Mary Brooding-Hawthorne

July 11, 2021 4:09 PM

I am proud of my colleagues. by Mary Brooding-Hawthorne

Mary nodded at both Tarquin's and Lawrence's comments. "I think that's a brilliant idea," she agreed. "We were all teenagers once . . . I think we know what kinds of things they can get up to even with rules in place. I'd much rather they know what they need to know."
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Isis Carter-Xavier

July 11, 2021 5:09 PM

Participating by Isis Carter-Xavier

Admittedly, Isis still wasn't really sure how she felt about the whole gay thing, but she supposed if it was happening, they had to deal with it responsibly anyway. As someone who, uh, probably could have benefitted from some actual sexual education as a teenager, she could hardly argue with the need. Still, she had her doubts. "Good luck getting a sex ed class through the board, though," she commented. "And even if you do, I bet there will be a lot of parents" - she left out status descriptors, but the implication was pretty clear - "demanding their child be opted out. We'll probably need to find a compromise. In the meantime, I think at least three to a tent is reasonable."
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Selina Skies

July 11, 2021 6:57 PM

Well volunteered by Selina Skies

"It's still worth offering, even if we know it might not reach the ones who need it most. A little like how we make sure Muggle Studies is on the curriculum," Selina pointed out.

"Step one would be finding a curriculum that you think is suitably appropriate, modern and inclusive. You seem keen," she smiled at Lawrence and Mary. "And it's somewhat under Killian's purview if you need an extra set of eyes. Or Katey's?" She glanced questioningly between them for confirmation. "We need to know what we're proposing before we propose it.

"That can be discussed further later in the meeting, unless everyone feels the tent issue is resolved and we can move on?"
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Lawrence Marsh

July 11, 2021 7:28 PM

Me? I mean...oh drats. by Lawrence Marsh

Lawrence opened his mouth and then shut it quickly in an even succession. He walked into that one for sure. He was going to recuse himself from the class but the thought of working with Killian on this would be lovely.

Instead Lawrence swallowed all his words and smiled. He would look to see what CoMC was already teaching and then see what needed to be added/changed for teenagers.

"Three per tent sounds good for now."

In the back of his head Lawrence made a note to reach out to his shrink from BS, before Sonora. He might need him to help work through some stuff if he'd be expected to teach all of this.
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Nathan Xavier

July 11, 2021 8:04 PM

Dodged that spell by Nathan Xavier

Nathan nodded in agreement, feeling like his opinion was required since he was the one who brought up the topic. "Three people minimum per tent sounds reasonable to me as well."
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Osvaldo Alamilla

July 11, 2021 8:21 PM

*sigh* by Osvaldo Alamilla

Wonderful, somehow they'd gone from his simplest solution, made it complicated and the decided to teach all the children how to do the stuff they didn't want them doing. What would this place be like by the time Edu was old enough to attend? Well, it wasn't his problem, yet. He just had to worry about how to clean up after the children lit the grounds on fire.
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Killian Row

July 12, 2021 1:21 AM

*meep* by Killian Row

Killian looked from Katey to Marsh to Mary and hoped to Merlin that only the last one had any idea how anxious this whole thing made him. He was in wholehearted agreement that this topic should be breached and that students should receive greater education on the matter. He was even comfortable being the one to do the educating if it came to that. He just wasn't sure how excited he was to dig into curriculum with this particular taskforce. He suspected a conversation he'd been trying to put off with Ema would be coming up soon and that made him nervous when things were going well. Still, he couldn't do much about that in this moment. Instead, he wrote the topic down and smiled at his colleagues.

"Cheers," he said.
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Mortimer Brockert

July 12, 2021 1:36 AM

*starting to get a headache* by Mortimer Brockert

This staff meeting was sort of starting to derail. Sex ed? Mortimer could, in all honesty, see the benefits. Students would learn about...those things and he was enough of an Aladren to see education as a good thing. Plus, had there been sex ed when his sons were in would have saved him some awkward conversations. If this came to pass-and it seemed like it would-he could probably convince his sons and their wives that it was better for his grandchildren to do this and save themselves the trouble.

The problem, however, was that parents would not like it and he was going to have to deal with it. And Mortimer wasn't sure that he wanted to publicly support this either.

As for the tents, well..."Three people minimum to a tent then."

This was all starting to bore him.
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