Giselle Duell

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Giselle Duell

Character Information

Age: 23
Gender: Female
Face Claim: Kendall Jenner

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Position: Divination
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Physical Description

Giselle is a 5' 8" tall woman with what can best be described as a willowy frame. Her dark brown hair is straight and falls midway down her back. Anytime she is around people, she wears a set of large mirrored sunglasses to hide what remains of her eyes. They are an unsightly mass of scar tissue resulting from an accident when she was one year old. Her attire is often mismatched and eclectic, but there usually seems to be some form of underlying theme behind them.


Not much more than a year after she was born, Giselle was involved in a terrible magical accident that took both of her parents and destroyed her eyes. She was raised primarily by her Aunt and Uncle until she reached school age. It was during these years that her gift of 'The Sight' came apparent. She had been a bit of a difficult child, and this did not help matters. Most of her insolence was directed at her brother and cousin because of their part in the accident. As her school days began to approach, Andrew and Marissa had gotten their feet under themselves and were going to take over her guardianship. They were all contacted from a school in Delphi, Greece that specialized in Divination and had a program to help Seers. It sounded like the best option for Giselle, so the Duells packed up with their two year old daughter and moved to Greece.

Two years into the program, Marissa's mother passed away. Andrew insisted on returning to the States with her, they'd be back in just a few weeks... She never heard from them, save for a letter telling her they're moving all their stuff back and she should get her things from the house. Panic stricken and with help from her Head of House, Lia Persefoni, she recovered her things and watched what had been her life and family disappear. Letters she sent went unanswered and none ever came to her. Lia helped her stay at the school year-round and find things to do. Rumors started and she was isolated from her classmates, Lia was the only one who would interact with her beyond the classroom teachers.

After graduating, Lia was kind enough to give her a very small room in her apartment. She did housework, and ran odd errands for the older witch. She even covered teaching her class on rare occasion. It was a meager and lonely existence trying to repay Lia for all that she had done to keep the poor abandoned, unwanted girl housed, fed and clothed. When her thoughts took her back to her old family, they were tinged with sadness and anger. What had she done?

Family & Friends

Andrew Duell - Brother
Marissa (Stephenson) Duell - Sister-in-Law
Valentine Duell - Niece
Jhonice Trevear - Cousin