Valentine Duell

Written By: Gary

Valentine Duell

Character Information

Age: 14
Birthday: February 14th
Gender: Female
Wand: 13" Pear with veela hair core
Face Claim: Ella Ballentine

Student Demographics

Year 4
House: Teppenpaw


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Physical Description

Valentine has a short... petite frame. Her light brown hair falls to the middle of her back and is usually controlled through some means of braid. She has brown eyes that are darker than her hair color. Her normal attire is fairly plain, a sweater or t-shirt with jeans or a simple skirt.

Important Character Threads

Family & Friends

Father - Andrew Duell
Mother - Marissa (Stephenson) Duell
Aunt - Paige
Aunt - Giselle Duell
Aunt(ish) - Jhonice Trevear