Nathan Xavier

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Nathan Xavier

Character Information

Age: 55
Gender: Male
Wand: Chestnut with Unicorn hair
Face Claim: Stephen Fry

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Position: Herbology
Years Employed: SA20 - Present


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Physical Description

Nathan is an older wizard, past his fifty year mark, with graying hair and a bit of paunch around his middle. He would never describe himself as graceful (he has, in fact, described his rendition of the Teppenpaw jig as 'an elephant having a seizure' which is harsher criticism than the act really called for, but neither was it by any means pretty), but he has a deft touch when handling delicate plants. His clothes and hands often have dirt stains on them from digging in the gardens or greenhouses. His most notable facial feature is a friendly and easy smile.


Nathan was born in Connecticut. His father was a muggle. His mom an English pureblood. Her parents did not approve of the match, and Nathan has never met his maternal grandparents or anyone else on that side of his family. He has an older brother who, like their father, has no magical ability. He has since married a muggle girl and they have three sons, the youngest of which has magical talent, but opted to attend a different school than the one where his uncle worked.

As young wizard, Nathan attended Hogwarts, like his mother had, where he was sorted into Hufflepuff. Upon graduation, he returned to the States and attended New York University, where he got an undergraduate degree in Herbology. He was subsequently hired there as greenhouse attendant. He stayed at NYU until he found a better paying job as the groundskeeper at Sonora Academy of Magic. Not terribly long into his tenure there, he was asked to become the Teppenpaw Head of House, which he accepted gladly, as he thought he probably would have been a Teppenpaw himself had he attended Sonora as a student. A few years after that, he began graduate coursework to be certified as a professor of Herbology. During this time, he was set up as a student teacher in the Herbology half of a split Herbology/Care of Magical Creatures class period. The year after his certification, Herbology was added a core component to Sonora's curriculum and he was a full professor.

Family & Friends

Dorothea Xavier: His mother
Isis Carter-Xavier: His wife
Theodora Xavier: His daughter
Otto Xavier: His son