Rosalynn Tellerman

Written By: Nathan

Rosalynn Tellerman

Character Information

Age: 13
Gender: Female
Face Claim: Lulu Wilson

Student Demographics

Year 3
House: Aladren


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Physical Description

Rosalynn has blond hair which is mostly straight but with a little bit of wave to it, and cut fairly short. Her nose is narrow. Her complexion is clear. She wears just a little bit of make-up - gloss on her lips, and a bit of blush. Her clothing style, though, is neat but casual and easy to move in. She moves gracefully, and sometimes breaks into dance for no reason.


Rosalynn is the youngest child of Abigail Tellerman and the only child of Paul Simon Tellerman. She has two older half-siblings, Karen and Sullivan, though they were both grown up before she was even born. She came as something of a surprise to her parents, as Abigail had recently turned fifty, and hadn't expected she'd be able to have another kid so late in her life. Simon was thrilled though, and got her a good mediwitch to oversee the risky pregnancy, and Rosalynn was born healthy, if a bit premature, and Abigail was fine, too.

Abigail was named for a first lady, and they decided they would name Rosalynn for one as well. When Rosalynn was nine, she went on a kick of reading every biography she could find about Rosalynn Carter or Jimmy Carter. When she ran out of those, she branched into reading about other first ladies, though Rosalynn Carter is naturally still her favorite.

She grew up in Las Vegas, where her Dad is a stage magician at a casino. Her mom was a dancer there, too, but she quit while she was pregnant with Rosalynn and later Abigail became a private dance teacher and choreographer instead. She worked from home and gave lessons in the remodeled attic-turned-dance-studio. Rosalynn sat in on the lessons when she was little enough that she couldn't be left alone while her parents worked, and she still has some vague and fuzzy memories of that time. She was exiled, though, once she was old enough to entertain herself without close supervision, but sometimes she was invited in if the student needed a partner to work with, and Rosalynn was always eager for those opportunities.

Family & Friends

Dad: Paul Simon Tellerman
Mom: Abigail Tellerman (formerly Quincy) (formerly the dancer known as Jewel)
Sister: Karen Quincy (but maybe not Quincy anymore)
Brother: Sullivan Quincy
Niece: Karen's kid, she's cute. No further information available.

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