Janis Rosemary Silver

Written By: Parker Fitzgerald

Janis Rosemary Silver

Character Information

Age: 13
Gender: Female
Face Claim: Odeya Rush

Student Demographics

Year 3
House: Pecari


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Physical Description

Janis's grey eyes stared around the new house. It didn't feel right. Too many places for someone to hide. Too many places for someone to sneak up on her and grab her long hair, pulling her away. Not that her parents would let that happen, but still. Young women in big houses make perfect marks. Hadn't her own father told her that? Yet, times, they were a changing. She guessed if she was going to be living in this house, she'd need shorter hair. Making it easier to run away if necessary. So she promptly grab a pair of scissors and walked into the bathroom. Moments later, much of her hair was in the trash bin, bits of brown lines scattered around the pristine white porcelain, making it looked cracked. The cracks made Janis feel a bit better as she slowly looked up into the mirror. She flinched a bit as she could see the self given hair cut reveling the small scar running fun under the hairline asking the question of why.