Anya Delachene

July 09, 2021 7:49 PM

[MARS] Help! by Anya Delachene

Anya was flying. For sheer height and distance and actual time airborne, the vault was easily the best of the gymnastics equipment, but the flight only lasted moments. For sustained flight, she liked the uneven bars. The spins and releases might have frequent contact with the bars which were in turn in contact with the ground, but it felt like flying, and that was good enough. Right now, that was what she wanted.

So Anya was flying.

Until she wasn't.

She screamed, more because of the cracking sound as she landed on her arm than because of the pain. It actually didn't hurt right away. She was too surprised.

And then it did. With tears in her eyes, she curled up, wrapping her whole body around the injured limb.

"Help!" she shouted, though the portraits had probably already run for the medic, but if she could get up, meet her half way. . . the sooner her arm wasn't broken, the better. She wasn't going to manage it by herself though.
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Johana Leonie Zauberhexen

July 09, 2021 11:30 PM

I am strictly not allowed to do that. by Johana Leonie Zauberhexen

Johana Leonie spent time in the MARS rooms fairly often because they gave her the best chance at getting out of the castle. Sonora was great in its own way but it was rather claustrophobic at times too and the native German missed her hometown more than she could say sometimes. It was small, quiet, full of nature indoors and out, and there wasn't anything in English. Of course, she also used the MARS rooms to indulge in fantasies of pretty dresses and fancy balls and things. That's what she'd been intending to do today and she was debating whether she wanted to use the sports room or music room to dance in when she'd noticed that the sports room was already in use. And then there was screaming.

She took a breath to herself before barging in. It was a moment of hesitation that she'd alter regret, wondering whether she was ever going to be able to be a healer if the universal call for 'please get a healer' left her in shock. That was a thought for another time though because someone did need help and that someone was curled in a very pained ball. Johana Leonie dropped to her knees beside Anya Delachene, automatically extending her hands to stabilize the girl so she didn't move around too much and risk extra damage.

"I am not healer," she warned. "I cannot treat." They were two phrases she'd been learning and practicing to make sure no one had any misunderstandings if they saw her working with Fraulein Willow. "But move not. Breathe if you can. What hurts?"
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Anya Delachene

July 09, 2021 11:52 PM

Just distract me. by Anya Delachene

"Arm," Anya gasped out. "Missed the high bar. Landed on it. Heard it crack." She felt a little bit of vomit try to rise and really didn't want to hurl when her arm was broken. She'd done that once when the break had been worse than this, and she'd had further to go to reach help. Thankfully, she managed to swallow the bile back. The not-moving idea the German girl introduced was sounding better and better. "Portraits probably went for the healer already," she said. That was the agreement. That's why they existed at all, each time she imagined the gymnastics gym when she walked through the Sports door. She knew better than to use the equipment without a spotter to go for help if necessary.

"Just... talk about Germany so I can think about something else."
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Johana Leonie Zauberhexen

July 10, 2021 12:03 AM

I am absolutely allowed to do that. by Johana Leonie Zauberhexen

Talk about Germany? That was the sort of instruction Johana Leonie daydreamed about hearing from a professor or something and certainly not what she expected in this exact moment. Her mind raced as she tried to think of things to say and also process that Anya had hurt her arm, that the healer was being called, and that this was a scary situation all at once. Since Anya was friends with Friederike Albert, that was the easiest jump to make and she started there.

"I live in small village. I don't know if it is small but Malikhi - he visit - he say small. Friederike Albert and I make path, many path, we walk in trees. Friederike Albert likes the river, he say river is best mirror nature make because it always is prettier than the real thing. I say that is because water makes face--" she made warbly sounds and waved a hand, trying to just keep a train of thought going since her English was falling far short of the task at hand. Whether it was stress or the speed of her speaking she wasn't sure but it wasn't a problem she'd ever had before with patients and her anxiety was only growing because of that. "Friederike Albert say it because water has much beautiful in it and nature does beautiful best. And say many things. Germany is nice and I miss very much." She grimaced. "I help a small?"
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Anya Delachene

July 10, 2021 12:22 AM

I'm pretty easy to distract so carry on by Anya Delachene

Yes, right. This was Freddie's sister. Under ordinary circumstances, Anya would have remembered that quicker. Under the current ones, she felt she could be forgiven for forgetting. She didn't follow all that Johana Leonie said, she wasn't sure if she was expected to, honestly. She wasn't sure if the English was rougher than Freddie's, or just not the same type of rough that she'd gotten used to with her friend, or if the injury just made concentrating on the broken English harder, but she mostly just got that there was a beautiful river and the village was small.

But maybe that it needed concentration to listen to at all was a good thing.

"Yeah, some," she agreed, when Johana Leonie asked if that was helping. "Do you think we'll be sisters someday?" she asked, partly just because that was the first question to occur to her, and partly because she did kind of wonder what Freddie's sister thought about their brothers dating.
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Johana Leonie Zauberhexen

July 10, 2021 12:48 AM

Distracted and confused? by Johana Leonie Zauberhexen

Johana Leonie smiled a bit, glad she was helping even if she felt like a literal slug of a human just then. She cocked her head, her eyebrows coming together though when Anya posed a question that Johana Leonie had to review several times in her head. Perhaps Anya had hit hers? Although she seemed otherwise conscious and well.

"I . . . what? How do we be sisters?" she asked, putting more effort into her own English in the hopes that it might help her brain figure out whatever Anya was talking about.
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Anya Delachene

July 10, 2021 9:58 AM

You’re supposed to distract me! by Anya Delachene

Had she been too abstract in the other girl’s non-native language? She never talked down to Freddie just because English wasn’t his first language, and she had extended the same courtesy to his sister, but maybe it had been too much in the stress of the current situation. Seeing another person curled painfully around a broken arm was probably about as distracting to higher brain concentration as having the broken arm. Maybe more. Anya was actively trying not to think about it and pretend the situation did not exist at all. Johana Leonie probably felt obligated to worry.

“Our brothers are dating,” she said, speaking a little slower and clearer than she normally did as she rephrased her question. “Do you think they’ll get married someday?”
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Johana Leonie Zauberhexen

July 10, 2021 7:14 PM

But you're better at it! by Johana Leonie Zauberhexen

OOC: CW for homophobia BIC:

Johanna Leonie blinked. "Our brothers are dating," she repeated flatly. Their brothers were...

She'd seen them holding hands. She'd known Friederike Albert got him a Christmas gift. She'd known their parents had a talk with him that sounded suspiciously like the talk. But none of it had really clicked for her before. She'd even known they were dating and had acknowledged it properly but it hadn't clicked before.

They were dating. That meant someday they could get married. That meant Johana Leonie had worse luck with boys than her own brother did. That meant he was gay??

"Our brothers are dating." Her tone was still flat but her thoughts were anything but. "Means they will do... Touching?" If her voice got a little shrill at the end... Well, she wasn't the one doing the weird touching with someone else.
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Anya Delachene

July 10, 2021 10:57 PM

I am an expert in distraction by Anya Delachene

Anya was getting some red flags. Not major ones. Johana Leonie wasn’t saying anything bad. It was just in her tone. Maybe orange flags. But flags that suggested that Freddie maybe did not have the total support of his sister, which was not cool.

“Yes,” she confirmed that there would be touching. She was sure there was at least hand holding going on, and Philippe was half French. She doubted he would be shy about quick chaste kisses to the cheeks. That was a standard affectionate greeting with their grandparents. If he wasn’t already greeting Freddie with those, he’d probably adopt the practice soon as a bridge toward romantic kissing.

“But I think they’re taking it slow,” she added, hoping this would ease Johana Leonie’s concerns, in case she was merely demonstrating sibling protectiveness toward her little brother and Anya was reading too much into her tone. Anya hadn’t really liked the idea at first either. “Philippe is only thirteen. They make each other happy though,” she added the important point.

She stole a look toward the door wondering how much longer until the Medic would arrive, and hoping the woman was making haste.

This maybe wasn’t a conversation to be having over a broken arm.
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Johana Leonie Zauberhexen

July 11, 2021 12:48 AM

Clearly. by Johana Leonie Zauberhexen

Johana Leonie sat back on her heels for a moment before remembering she was supposed to be helping with a broken arm and leaning forward. Then she remembered that she actually wasn't allowed to do much about the broken arm and she sat back again.

"I not think about them being same as boy and girl," she admitted. She looked at Anya a little more closely. "That make you and me sisters?" she confirmed. Then she smiled, although it was a little difficult because her head was still trying to wrap itself around Friederike Albert and Philippe kissing or something. "I want sister since I am small. I like having you."
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Katey Willow

July 11, 2021 4:45 PM

How about some adult supervision? by Katey Willow

The portraits came for Katey, and with news of an injured student in the sports room, the medic hurried down there. While it was never pleasant to find an injured student, she was relieved, at least, to find that Johana Leonie was already on the scene. Her assistant could not treat students, but she could identify and diagnose minor troubles by now, and Katey valued the availability of a second opinion.

She was entirely unsurprised to see Anya was the one cradling an arm Katey assumed had been broken. How many times was she going to have to set bones for those rambunctious Pecaris before they learned anything?

She nodded briefly to Johana Leonie as she entered and then kneeled down beside Anya. "Did you fall on your arm?" she asked. "I'm going to need to feel it to try to find the break, and it isn't going to feel very good, okay?" Katey added as a warning.
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Anya Delachene

July 11, 2021 5:26 PM

Oh good, you're here! by Anya Delachene

Anya was glad Johana Leonie seemed keen on becoming sisters because that meant she was at least willing to entertain the notion that their brother could marry, but before she could comment on it, Medic Willow had arrive. "Oh, thank Merlin!" she exclaimed.

She nodded and, with the arm that wasn't broken, pointed up at the uneven bars that she was sitting more-or-less underneath. "Yeah, fell from up there. Landed on the arm." Reluctantly, she uncurled from around the injured one and let the medic look at it. She gritted her teeth in preparation for it not feeling very good.
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Katey Willow

July 11, 2021 5:47 PM

I sure am! by Katey Willow

Katey had grown numb to the "thank Merlin!"s that sometimes accompanied her arrival - it simply came with the job. It was otherwise a conflicting feeling. Always great to hear someone happy to see you, until you remember it's because they need medical attention.

"Okay, here it comes," she warned before she made contact with Anya's arm. Katey felt around the arm as gently as possible while still applying enough force to feel for abnormalities. It did not take long before she felt the break. "Aha!" Katey released the arm and produced her wand. Wordlessly, she performed a spell to mend the injury.

"Can you bend it for me and let me know if it still hurts at all?" she requested.
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Anya Delachene

July 11, 2021 8:48 PM

I love you. by Anya Delachene

It did hurt, but she was ready for it, so she managed to keep her reaction down to a mere grimace, and then Medic Willow performed the best magic in the whole world and the pain was gone and her arm was whole.

She let out a breath of relief, and bent her arm as instructed, and the arm didn't hurt but, "The wrist might be twisted, too?" she guessed, when that complained at her now that the major injury had been resolved. "It hurts, but not like agony? The arm and elbow are good though."
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Johana Leonie Zauberhexen

July 11, 2021 10:25 PM

Love is strange. by Johana Leonie Zauberhexen

Johana Leonie watched with interest as Fraulein Willow healed Anya up. It was certainly not the first time she'd seen such magic be performed but it was weird to really see it up close and on someone she knew. Someone who might someday be-- well, that was a thing to think about another time. She smiled but didn't speak as the two engaged.
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