Eden Manger

Written By: Casey

Eden Manger

Character Information

Age: 24
Birthday: May 30th
Gender: Female
Face Claim: Eden McCoy

Student Demographics

Alumnus (SA28 - SA34)
House: Teppenpaw
Badge(s): Prefect
Graduation Award: Hidden Depths


All Time

Total Posts: 38
Total Threads: 25
Total Words: 13496
Longest Post: 652 words
Longest Thread: 9 posts

Physical Description

Eden has long hair that is mostly straight and a dirty blonde in coloration. Her eyes are bright blue and take up a decent portion of her somewhat angular face. She has very defined eyebrows in a light brown shade just darker than her hair, and when her plump lips part, they reveal a set of teeth that, while fairly white, are a slight bit crooked. Eden is right around average height for her age, with a slender frame.