Brett Newell

Written By: Casey

Brett Newell

Character Information

Age: 20
Gender: Male
Face Claim: Art Parkinson

Student Demographics

SA34 Graduate
House: Pecari
Badge(s): Prefect
Graduation Award: Perfectly Unprepared


All Time

Total Posts: 11
Total Threads: 6
Total Words: 4456
Longest Post: 827 words
Longest Thread: 8 posts

Physical Description

Brett likes to keep his sandy brown curly hair a bit shaggier than his mother technically permits, flopping over his ears and often down the back of his neck. He shares the same wide nose as his older siblings already at Sonora, as well as the same blue eyes as Florence. His build is not quite as lean, but he does show some of the same gangliness, too. Personally, he prefers comfort when it comes to his wardrobe - and most things - but it is not altogether uncommon to see him stuffed into some kind of formal attire, although always with personal modifications, a loosened tie, an undone button, etc.