Zevalyn Ives

Written By: Nathan Xavier

Zevalyn Ives

Character Information

Age: 18
Birthday: September 2nd
Gender: Female
Wand: Walnut with Pheonix Feather, 10.5"

Student Demographics

SA32 Graduate
House: Aladren
Badge(s): Head Girl & Prefect
Best Class: Potions


All Time

Total Posts: 80
Total Words: 34153
Longest Post: 2259 words

Physical Description

Zevalyn is a girl with blue eyes and hair that is too dark to be called truly blonde, but light enough that the word 'brown' elicits a shade too dark in most minds. She objects to the term 'dirty blond' and so generally opts for the self-description of 'light brown'. Whatever color one wants to call it, she wears it straight and down to her shoulders. Though not especially tall, Zevalyn does measure in at just a bit above average in height. She has a semi-athletic build through lucky genes rather than athletic efforts. Now on the verge of puberty, she is starting to develop some curves, but they are not yet clearly pronounced. She dresses in a unique style full of bold colors that is not exactly fashionable but will surely be remembered by most people she encounters.


Zevalyn was born to muggle parents and grew up in Pheonix (or at least a subburb close enough to it to count). More than muggles, they are scientists and engineers. Magic was very clearly designated as fiction growing up, and any deviation from normal physics was soundly explained away as impossible. So they dismissed the Sonora letters as a hoax and called the cops on the muggle liason and Zevalyn did not accept magic as real until she was thirteen and apparated herself five miles away, which just simply could not be explained any other way.

Family & Friends

Georgia Kirkly
Kir McLeod

Damien Ives: Dad
Patricia Ives: Mom
Amber: Best Friend from Home

Highlights from Sonora

First/Third Year: She started Sonora two years late. She was the oldest first year by almost three years.

Third/Fourth Year: After studying hard the previous year, she moved up to intermediate classes after only one year. It’s another year of diligent study and minimal interaction with her peers. She does, however, declare Georgia as her best friend.

Fifth Year: She catches up to her yearmates just in time to catch the plague. Her accidental magic incidents included making a pen appear when she needed one, taking notes without using a quill at all, and heating up the Greenhouse. She joined Gary’s D&D group and makes friends with the Bard, Erevan (Kir).