Gwen Fintoc

Written By: Joella Curtis

Gwen Fintoc

Character Information

Age: 25
Gender: Female

Student Demographics

Alumnus (SA27 - SA33)
House: Teppenpaw


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Physical Description

Gwen has the trademark red hair and freckled face that most Fintocs possess. She has fair skin and blue eyes. Growing up, she would often wear her long hair in pigtails but has recently deemed herself too old for that and keeps it loose whenever she can. Gwen likes to look nice and dresses well, although usually is quite simple yet pretty in her style.


Gwen was born and raised on the Fintoc family’s cattle ranch in Colorado. She has grown up surrounded by her whole extended paternal family, including her grandfather, uncles, aunts and cousins. Gwen is one of the few who is actually able to get along with the entire family at all times and they are all very close to her heart. As much as she loves living in such close proximity to her relatives and the family business, Gwen does sometimes feel cooped up and believes greater things lie ahead for her once she reaches Sonora. The Fintocs are a well respected old pureblood family who have managed to make their cattle ranching business international through good partnerships. The are not, however, hugely active in society as recent generations have chosen not attend a great deal of events which has reduced the influence of their name somewhat. The Colorado Fintocs are also involved in the horse dealing, which Gwen is much more fond of as horses are very much preferable to cattle. Despite her love for her home, Gwen does not foresee a future in remaining there forever.

Family & Friends

Gwen is the eldest daughter of Craig and Rebecca Fintoc, and her younger sister by two years is Alice.