Ida Stanford

Written By: Gami

Ida Stanford

Character Information

Age: 12
Birthday: April 18th
Gender: Female
Wand: 13" Cypress with a Core of Horned Serpent Horn
Face Claim: Isabella Rice

Student Demographics

Year 2
House: Crotalus


All Time

Total Posts: 18
Total Threads: 10
Total Words: 6569
Longest Post: 602 words
Longest Thread: 9 posts

Physical Description

Ida is on the tall side for her age, and has more of an athletic build than anything else to her. She has straight blonde hair that falls past her shoulders and piercing green eyes. Generally, she carries herself with confidence. When not required to wear her school robe, she wears practical, simple, but nice clothing. Usually a blouse and slacks, but the occasional skirt is not unheard of.


Ida traveled with her parents as they moved around the globe as special investigator aurors. Her aunt came along as a tutor and caretaker. Since beginning school, Aunt Lucy has settled down in Aladren, Oregon to be a stable point of contact for Ida and the school. Her parents continue their quest against the forces of darkness.

Family & Friends

Eva Stanford - Ida's Mom, Auror
Ruben Stanford - Ida's Dad, Auror
Lucy Malone - Eva's sister, Caretaker & Tutor