Eris Ryan

Written By: KellBell

Eris Ryan

Character Information

Age: 13
Birthday: October
Gender: Female
Face Claim: Sadie Sink

Student Demographics

Year 3
House: Pecari


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Total Words: 1913
Longest Post: 538 words
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Physical Description

Eris has a shrunken quality about her. She is abnormally petite and skinny for a girl of 11 years old. It seems that her face has become trapped in a quasi-permanent scowl, and when she does smile she seems more startled than happy. She has naturally strawberry-blonde hair that she dyed purple a few years ago, and she can most often be found to style it in a way that hides the right half of her face. She has a smattering of freckles across her nose, cheeks, and arms, but the rest of her remains almost translucently pale with her veins easily visible in places. Her eyes are blue-grey and almost always squinting since she refuses to wear the glasses both her parents and muggle teachers said she needed. She has her father’s round nose and dimpled chin, but people often struggle to find a semblance of her mother in her features.


Marie ‘Eris’ Ryan was born in October 2011 to muggle parents: Connor Douglas Ryan and Cait Dillard Ryan. Unaware of magic, Cait nicknamed her daughter ‘Eris’ at a young age since chaos seemed to follow Marie wherever she went. Eris was fortunate growing up that not many people took notice of the mysterious happenings that followed her because her father was in the military, and their family often moved between Fort Bragg in North Carolina and Fort Sill in Oklahoma. Her parents were relieved that they never had to do much explaining in Eris’ early life. However, in 2018 Lt. Ryan retired from the military and settled down in a small town outside of Raleigh, North Carolina. More and more people began to notice that weird and inexplicable things would happen around Eris and slowly stopped allowing their children to hang out with her after school. Teachers began to blame her for classroom disruptions (even when they weren’t her fault). From age seven, Eris slowly receded into herself and became resentful to those around her who made friendships and connections easily. Whenever angry or upset, which was often now, breakable objects would crack or shatter around Eris. Needless to say, everything started to make sense when Eris’ letter from Sonora arrived. She has now learned that she belongs to a community of witches and wizards and is called a “muggle born”. However, she still fills some familiar pangs of isolation and still considers herself an outcast in the wizarding world since she hasn’t found her place yet.