Hansel Hexenmeister

Written By: Nathan

Hansel Hexenmeister

Character Information

Age: 18
Gender: Male
Wand: Horned Serpent Horn core
Face Claim: Stock Photo

Student Demographics

Alumnus (SA37 - SA43)
House: Teppenpaw
Badge(s): Head Student & Prefect


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Physical Description

Hansel is tall, blond, and thin. He strongly resembles his older brother in build, but his hair is longer, wilder, and more sun bleached than Heinrich's ever was. His clothes, too, lack the neatness, precision, and amount of blue that would make other people notice that his features should remind them of Heinrich. Out of ingrained and unconscious habit, Heinrich mimics their father in the way he dresses, grooms, and carries himself. Hans doesn't remember their father and everything he's heard about the guy is bad, so he mimics the only father he does remember: Uncle Karl. Therefore, Hans comes across as a lot more casual and a lot less aloof. Around school, he sticks mostly to the school robes, because that is what you are supposed to wear, and even though Sonora is technically in a desert, nobody else dresses like desert nomads so he doesn't either.

Preferred Classroom Seating Selection: Hansel is not picky and will usually pick a seat based on the people near the empty spots rather than habitually seating in the same place. He does tend to gravitate toward the front half of the room though.