William Cobb

Written By: Gary

Billy Cobb

Character Information

Preferred Name: Billy Cobb
Age: 12
Birthday: Sept. 4
Gender: Male
Face Claim: Raphael Coleman

Student Demographics

Year 2
House: Pecari


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Physical Description

Billy has a tall and lanky frame. He's got a perpetually unkempt mop of red hair on his head that refuses to behave in any sort of civilized manner. His greenish brown eyes never stay focused in one place long, constantly roving about his surroundings. He generally dresses as casually as he can get away with, and the majority of his clothing doesn't quite fit right.


Billy was born 'n raised high up in the backwoods mountains of Kentucky. His family has mostly lived off nature, with only the occasional contact with the civilized town 'nearby'.

Family & Friends

Bryan Cobb - Father
Virginia Cobb - Mother
Iris Cobb - Sister