Thomas Jamison

Written By: Casey

Tommy Jamison

Character Information

Preferred Name: Tommy Jamison
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Wand: Ebony, core of dragon's heartstring, 10"
Face Claim: William Lipton

Student Demographics

Year 2
House: Teppenpaw
Best Class: Potions


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Physical Description

Tommy likes to wear his brown hair long on top and swept up; it isn’t quite a mohawk - Dad wouldn’t go for it - but something of a fauxhawk and shorter on the sides. He has something of a round face, and his big ears don’t sit quite right on the sides of it, although his face promises to slim when the baby fat finally falls off. He’s pretty average for height at the moment, not too different from boys his age. His bright blue eyes are a recessive, genetic lotto win.