Oscar Spellman

Written By: Rhy

Oz Spellman

Character Information

Preferred Name: Oz Spellman
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Face Claim: Griffin Gluck

Student Demographics

Year 3
House: Pecari


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Physical Description

Oz has his own freckles and his own hairstyle and even if you’re not mom and you can’t tell who he is from the first one, you definitely can from the second. He is the short-haired one. His hair is spiky, Henry’s is floppy. So, there is no excuse for mixing them up. Ever. Also, Oz’s t-shirt probably has two kinds of stains on it and he has scraped knees and elbows all the time. If the person in front of you looks like they just got done playing baseball, it’s Oz. If they look like a clean and tidy little nerdboy who doesn’t see the sun, it’s Henry. Got it?