Augustine Reed-Fischer

Written By: Evelyn Stones

Augustine Reed-Fischer

Character Information

Age: 12
Gender: Male
Face Claim: Kyle Massey

Student Demographics

Year 2
House: Pecari


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Physical Description

Gus likes to keep his hair short, and he's done so for so long that he doesn't ever remember it being any other way. His round face matches his soft figure, and both are always ready for a joke. His wide smile reveals nearly perfect teeth, and it's the expression he wears the most often. Gus isn't terribly tall for his age, and won't grow up to be very tall either.

Family & Friends

Parents: Anthony Fischer and Ekene Reed (Muggles)
Siblings: Marcus (muggle), Jezebel (witch), Patience (??)
Aunt and Uncle: Vincent and Renee Reed
Cousin: Dathan Fischer (wizard)