Lavender Brockert

Written By: Allegra Brockert

Lavender Brockert

Character Information

Age: 18
Gender: Female
Face Claim: Amy Forsyth

Student Demographics

Alumnus (SA35 - SA41)
House: Crotalus
Badge(s): Head Student & Prefect


All Time

Total Posts: 40
Total Threads: 21
Total Words: 31240
Longest Post: 1849 words
Longest Thread: 11 posts

Physical Description

Lavender has a heart shaped face with light brown hair. She has bright blue eyes, like her father, with whispy eyebrows. She has an average nose and a wide mouth. Lavender looks more like her father than her brother and sister do. She likes to wear clothing that is pretty and often includes jewelry but nothing too fancy or expensive because while her family can afford expensive things, they're impractical for every day wear and for someone her age. Her jewelry is probably still more expensive than what most people can afford.