Esme Brockert

Written By: Allegra Brockert

Esme Brockert

Character Information

Age: 18
Gender: Female
Face Claim: Andrea Brooks

Student Demographics

Alumnus (SA34 - SA40)
House: Crotalus


All Time

Total Posts: 37
Total Threads: 22
Total Words: 24925
Longest Post: 1788 words
Longest Thread: 11 posts

Physical Description

Esme is a classic beauty with long curly blonde hair and creamy white skin. She likes to wear a lot of lace and floral prints. She likes to look elegant and classy. Esme has perfect posture and holds herself with a confidence that her older sister Allegra is lacking. She always looks neat and tidy with never a hair out of place. Esme loves dressing up.