Alexander Pierce-Beales

Written By: Evelyn Stones

Alexander Pierce-Beales

Character Information

Age: 14
Gender: Male
Face Claim: Freddie Highmore

Student Demographics

Year 4
House: Teppenpaw


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Physical Description

Alexander has wispy brown hair that frames his face with a halo, as it is always aflutter. His thin face is angular, with a long nose and narrow jaw, but his round eyes make him look particularly innocent. His mouth is where his expression lies though; pressed into a flat line, grinning, or frowning, Alexander always seems to be showing his dimples. He's desperately thin, and not terribly tall yet, but he hopes that will change as he gets older.

Important Character Threads

Second Tumbleweed trip of SA34.
Alexander met his future foster sister at Tumbleweed.
A conversation with Nathaniel, SA34
Alexander got his birth certificate back and learned the names of his biological parents.
SA34 Ball
Alexander was offered a family.
Summer between SA34 and SA35.
For the first time in his life, Alexander went home.

Family & Friends

Having been given up for adoption within a few days of his birth and then never adopted, Alexander didn't think he'd ever have family to speak of. When he got to Sonora and found that his prefect was able to help him with finding out who his birth parents were, he thought that maybe that would change. Mathias Stones and Claire Mason, however, where not going to be the ones to fill his need for family, nor even the half-sister he's found out he has at Sonora, Evelyn. Instead, Alexander learned that magic doesn't just come from a wand when his sort of friend became his sort of date to the Ball and then became his sort of sibling. In any case, they became family, and he now lives in Boston with his foster-sister Mab and his guardian, Bel.