Leonor De Matteo

Written By: Evelyn Stones

Leonor De Matteo

Character Information

Age: 14
Birthday: December 13
Gender: Other
Face Claim: Victoria Justice

Student Demographics

Year 4
House: Pecari


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Physical Description

With the same high cheeks, full lips, and lofty brows, there's no mistaking whether Leonor is Felipe's sister or not, and that's not even taking into account her hair and skin color. However, while Felipe holds himself tall under the weight of the De Matteo legacy, Leonor has never felt that weight at all. It shows in the way the thin-framed girl moves just a little more easily than her brother, and the way she lets her dark brown hair hang in unkempt waves between her jaw and her shoulders. Leonor is fond of the colorful side of life, and her clothes reflect that. Whether made my magical or muggle means, her dresses especially show her love of the brilliance of the garden she grew up in. If one were to ask her about it, she would flash her brilliant, gap-toothed smile, and shake her head; her perfect places are her secrets.