Morgan Garrett

Written By: Grayson Wright

Morgan Garrett

Character Information

Age: 14
Gender: Female
Face Claim: Ashlyn Rainn Holmes

Student Demographics

Year 4
House: Aladren


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Physical Description

Morgan is average height for her age and somewhat overweight for it, with a noticeably plump face and rounded stomach. Her brown hair is currently cut relatively short, with bangs covering most of her forehead. She usually wears nail polish and it is usually chipped. Her clothes, chosen by her family, are almost entirely composed of relatively cheap blue jeans, relatively cheap t-shirts, and plain tennis shoes and sneakers. She would be completely unremarkable-looking were it not for her habits of slipping on costume jewelry and purloined make-up every chance she gets.


Morgan Grace Garrett grew up in Industry, Kentucky, a one-time mine town which has been declining for several decades. When her maternal grandparents effectively began to shun her mother, Amanda, for having a baby out of wedlock, Morgan - though unaware of it at the time, due to being an infant at the time - found herself being reluctantly admitted to the family of Amanda's ex-boyfriend David, who had left town several months earlier and refused any and all contact with his former life. Morgan's paternal grandmother, Alice Wilkes, assumed by that point that David was dead, and with her daughter Selena long since eloped with a soldier and her other daughter Annabeth disabled by chronic depression, she wished to secure a descendant who could be relied on, or at least make one last try at doing so. It was not until Morgan was four, when she showed spontaneous signs of magic, that the Wilkes family was startled to realize that she almost certainly really was David's daughter, as David was a Muggleborn wizard.

It was at this point which Annabeth took an interest in her niece, seeing in her a chance to shape an original character from scratch. For three years, she fed the child a steady diet of classic movies and Miss Manners, teaching her to be anything but a regular girl from Industry, Kentucky. She grew up with her bedroom posters featuring pictures of Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn and Jackie Kennedy instead of contemporary stars. Every year, she takes odds and ends - flowers which have fallen from the arrangements placed on family graves, damaged Christmas tree ornaments, plastic fruits from playsets - and makes herself a hat to wear while watching the Kentucky Derby on television. It was sharply disapproved of by Amanda and Alice, but Morgan regarded life as quite pleasant, until she turned seven. Shortly after that, two events changed her life completely: in January, Annabeth died in a car crash, and in April, David - with his wife Sage, the long-lost Selena, Selena's second husband Austin, and Selena's infant daughter Stella - showed up at the family Easter Egg hunt and in this fashion found out that he had a child.

Drama, to the surprise of absolutely no-one, ensued.