Ellie Alperton

Written By: Rhy

Ellie Alperton

Character Information

Age: 15
Gender: Trans Female
Face Claim: Georgie Stone

Student Demographics

Year 5
House: Aladren
Badge(s): Prefect


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Physical Description

At present, Ellie is on the tall side for her age, with a skinny frame. However, as she has just started on puberty blockers, she is quite likely to quickly fall behind her peers and be noticeably shorter for a period. She has blonde hair with a reddish hint, and is overjoyed that it now reaches to her shoulders. Having felt the need to keep it short through her elementary school days, she really wanted long hair for her first day at Sonora, and started growing it out over the summer. A week before term began, it had still been distressingly short, and Ellie was worried that people were going to think she looked boyish, however many pretty clips and bows she put in it. However, a few days before term began, she woke up with her hair suddenly reaching down to her shoulders. The lady who came to Sonora said that kind of thing was going to happen less now she had her wand and was getting in control of her powers, but if that was a last hurrah for her accidental magic, it was a good one to end on. Over the summer, she also got her ears pierced, which she is delighted about.