Jezebel Reed-Fischer

Written By: Turtle

Jezebel Reed-Fischer

Character Information

Age: 19
Gender: Female
Face Claim: Logan Browning

Student Demographics

Alumnus (SA33 - SA39)
House: Crotalus
Badge(s): Prefect


All Time

Total Posts: 91
Total Threads: 40
Total Words: 33854
Longest Post: 2080 words
Longest Thread: 15 posts

Physical Description

With swooping curls of dark black hair, Jezebel looks much more significantly like her mother than her father. Her eyes are soft green, but as piercing as any blue eyes might be, and her sharp cheeks make every look she throws seem more intense. That being said, there's a softness about her, and it's more obvious than ever when she smiles. It's usually a grin, as if she's as proud of you for making her smile as she is of the full set of adult teeth she's grown all by herself.

Important Character Threads

SA34: Tumbleweed Trip
In which Jezebel and Bridget become friends.
SA34 (post): Summer
In which Jezebel tells Dathan Some Stuff.
SA35: Quidditch Game 1
In which Jezebel learns things might not suck, and also being a healer might be fun.

Family & Friends

Parents: Anthony Fischer and Ekene Reed (Muggles)
Siblings: Marcus (muggle), Augustine (wizard), Patience (??)
Aunt and Uncle: Vincent and Renee Reed
Cousin: Dathan Fischer (wizard)