Nessa McLeod

Written By: Rhy

Ness McLeod

Character Information

Preferred Name: Ness McLeod
Age: 21
Gender: is a lie
Face Claim: Winona Ryder

Student Demographics

Alumnus (SA31 - SA37)
House: Aladren
Badge(s): Prefect


All Time

Total Posts: 192
Total Threads: 80
Total Words: 88152
Longest Post: 1187 words
Longest Thread: 21 posts

Physical Description

Ness' appearance treads that ambiguous line between slightly feminine boy and rather masculine girl. The long eyelashes framing green-blue eyes are the most feminine feature, but the short dark brown hair - often sticking up from having a hand run through it - suggests 'boy.' As they all have to wear the same, shapeless green school robes, clothing isn't much of a clue, and even on the weekends, Ness prefers to don jeans and t-shirts. The McLeod family are generally quite tall, and Ness is no exception.