Hilda Hexenmeister

Written By: Nathan Xavier

Physical Description

Hilda is not a small girl in any dimension. She is tall. She is large boned. She has good sized muscles on those bones. She also stands in an assertive way that claims her space and all nearby space as her own. This is a girl who looks like a beater, in both physical mass and attitude. There is nothing passive or dainty about her.

She dresses in practical clothes, having no patience for frippery and her blond hair, while allowed to grow long, is lucky it gets brushed on a daily basis. For Quidditch and potions, she’ll tie it back, but only so it doesn’t get in her way.

Favorite Threads

Hilda and Johanna Leonie Meet
First year orientation to a turn for the better when Hilda met someone who spoke her language


Hilda is the the second of three children born to The Hexenmeister Assassins. She was nine when they were arrested in their home in Germany then shipped to the custody of her paternal uncle, Karl Hexenmeister, who lives in the badlands of Utah.

Family & Friends

Hilda’s older brother Heinrich is an Aladren two years ahead of her.
Hilda’s younger brother Hansel is still at home, being five years behind her.
Hilda’s uncle Karl lives in Utah and raises snakes for a living.
Hilda’s parents are in a European wizarding prison for life because they went into assassination as a career.

Her best friend is Johanna Leonie Zauberhexen, who has the good sense to speak German.

Highlights from Sonora

She arrived expecting a miserable 7 years surrounded by the bane of her existence: the English language. She was pleasantly surprised to meet German speaking Johanna Leonie as her very first social interaction at the First Year Orientation, and her Sonora outlook improved dramatically after that.

Character Information

Age: 11
Gender: Female

Student Demographics

Year 1
House: Pecari


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