Hall of Fame

OOC Awards

Top Advertiser
Mortimer Brockert
Most posted author (bronze)
Gray (Professor Wright, Joe, Amelia, Simon, Tatiana, Nathaniel) 133
Most posted author (silver)
Nathan (Prof Xavier, Prof Nash, Ben, Jozua, Zevalyn, Winston, Jasmine, Heinrich) 135
Most posted author (gold)
Selina (DH Skies, Wolseithcraftes, Collindales, Georgia, Kir, Cleo, Dorian) 249 Posts
Most posted character (bronze)
Professor Grayson Wright (34 posts)
Most posted character (silver)
Dorian Montoir (49 posts)
Most posted character (gold)
Parker Fitzgerald (51 posts)
Longest Post
Daniel Nash
Longest Thread
Joe/Georgia in Teppenpaw
Author's Choice
Jehan/Dorian "What if"
Author's Choice
Gary Harper's D&D Group

Seventh Year Awards

Seventh year awards are in character awards chosen by the staff to honour graduating characters.

Society Queen
Kelsey Atwater
The Golden Quill Writer's Award
Owen Brockert
Most Creative Use of Research Time
Kyte Collindale
Champion of the Underdogs
Samantha Meeks
Sportiest Sports Guy Ever
Benjamin Pierce
The Forever Friendship Award
Lauren Song
Fairy Tale Folkmaster
Kira Spaulding
Most Competitive
John Spencer
Man of the People
Louis Valois
Most Likely to Save a Life
Theresa Whittaker
Excellence in Social Networking
Ingrid Wolseithcrafte
The Unicorn Art Award
Jemima Wolseithcrafte
Commended for Venturing Outside Her Comfort Zone
Peizhi Wu