Isaac Song

Character Information

Age: 15
Birthday: June 4
Gender: Male
Wand: 13½", oak, unicorn hair, somewhat rigid

Student Demographics

Year 5
House: Pecari
Badge(s): Prefect
Best Class: Potions

Physical Description

Isaac has an oval-shaped face, moppy black hair, and brown eyes. He has a cutesy smile and nice white teeth that shine whenever he smiles or laughs. He has almond-shaped eyes and slightly large cheeks that thin out as he grows up. His face is narrowing as he goes through puberty and his body is growing stronger, though it physically doesn't show.


Isaac lives with his mother and two sisters. He was born right before his dad moved to Seoul, Korea to take over the family business, so Isaac grew up without a present father figure. Instead, he became attached to his uncle who encouraged in him the love of sports.

Family & Friends

Isaac has an older sister, Lauren, and a younger sister, Maia. His parents are still married, but his father lives and works in South Korea while his mother is in Los Angeles working as a pharmacist. He has a group of three best friends at home that he does everything with.