Isaac Song

Character Information

Age: 14
Birthday: June 4
Gender: Male
Wand: 13½", oak, unicorn hair, somewhat rigid

Student Demographics

Year 4
House: Pecari
Best Class: Potions

Physical Description

Isaac has an oval-shaped face, moppy black hair, and brown eyes. He has a cutesy smile and nice white teeth that shine whenever he smiles or laughs. He has almond-shaped eyes and slightly large cheeks that thin out as he grows up. He has a kind mouth and his proportionate and thin body shows how naturally athletic he is even as a child.


Isaac lives with his mother and two sisters. He was born right before his dad moved to Seoul, Korea to take over the family business, so Isaac grew up without a present father figure. Instead, he became attached to his uncle who encouraged in him the love of sports.

Family & Friends

Isaac has an older sister, Lauren, and a younger sister, Maia. His parents are still married, but his father lives and works in South Korea while his mother is in Los Angeles working as a pharmacist. He has a group of three Muggle best friends at home that he does everything with.