Waverly Canterbury

Character Information

Age: 28
Birthday: April 20
Gender: Female

Student Demographics

SA21 Graduate
House: Pecari
Badge(s): Prefect
Best Class: Charms

Physical Description

Waverly has straight, brown hair and green eyes.


Waverly was born to Muggle parents: Madeline, a baker and musician, and Philip, an auto engineer. She was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona.

Highlights from Sonora

During her school years, Waverly was very talkative and loved to be involved. She tried Quidditch for a year, joined different clubs, did her Prefect duties, and started the Baking Club. She had many friends at school and enjoyed getting to know everyone in all of her different classes and activities. Coming to terms with the prejudice from purebloods was difficult for her at first, but she learned to ignore it.

Life after Sonora

After graduation, Waverly attended a magical university in North Carolina studying Muggle Relations with a minor in Charms. There, she met a fellow muggle-born, Jake Patterson, and they got married two years after graduation. Jake is now attending law school while Waverly stays at home taking care of their first child.