Loren Aalto

Character Information

Age: 15
Gender: Female

Student Demographics

Year 5
House: Pecari

Physical Description

Loren is on the shorter side for a girl of her age. She has expressive brown eyes and a neat smile. She has blonde hair of a fairly dark shade, although highlighted by the sun, and a pretty constant strong tan from being outside so much all year round. Loren has an athletic figure to some degree, but areas such as her torso might be described as mildly chubby.


Loren was born and raised in Venice (L.A.) to a single mother with a history of drinking problems and serial dating. Her mother Mandy has on more than one occasion wound up in abusive relationships so Loren learnt to keep away from a young age, spending most of her time (when not at her muggle school) on the beach, surfing. Loren’s relationship with her mother has always been a rocky one as Mandy has failed to give her proper support and relied heavily on her infant daughter. Loren’s father Brad Aalto (a professional surfer who resides in Malibu when he isn’t travelling) has been absent most of her life, previously unaware of her existence, until she tracked him down a few years ago and was eventually permitted to visit him on weekends. Around this time her mother (a barmaid) caught the eye of a Muggle named Brian Mathers, a rich businessman from Florida, and it wasn’t long before they were engaged and Loren and her mother were expected to go and live with him in Florida. Loren ran away to her father in protest and, more invested in her new fiancé and her wedding plans, Mandy agreed that Loren could stay with her father for the time being and Loren was accordingly enrolled at the local elementary school in Malibu. But all too soon Brian and Mandy’s wedding took place and when they returned from their honeymoon, it was time to move to Florida. Mandy sold her house in Venice and gave Loren no choice but to go with them to Florida, forcing her to leave behind her father, new “family” and friends. Loren has been living in with her mother and Brian in Florida for just over a year.