Madison Leifsson

Character Information

Age: 15
Gender: Female

Student Demographics

Year 5
House: Pecari

Physical Description

Madison has a heart shaped face perpetuated by her fuller cheeks and angled chin. Her face will become more defined as such as she gets older. Her blonde hair is currently long and straight, however, at some point she’ll perm it and have wild curls for awhile. Her nose is straight, but rounds out more towards the end. Madison has hazel eyes like her father and sister. Her lips are also on the fuller side with the bottom being a little more so than her upper. Madison is a little shorter than her sister currently and will always remain so. Though, she will not retain the same thin body shape as Alex. As they get older, Madison, while still athletic, will fill out more than Alex. Even now, she tends to dress trendier than Alex. She likes wearing the latest outfits and will begin wearing makeup sooner than Alex. She already likes wearing lip gloss, because it gives her lips a shimmer. As she gets older, she will experiment more with makeup.