Jennifer White

Character Information

Age: 15
Gender: Female

Student Demographics

Year 5
House: Aladren

Physical Description

Jen’s resting expression is of apathetic boredom, with her thin lips gently pursed and one pale eyebrow dipped ever so slightly lower than the other. Her mousey-brown hair is short, just long enough to tie in two bunches, but she would never do that. She leaves it loose, the side sections covering her ears and the front parts framing her face until she gets frustrated and pushes them back. Her eyes are hazel in colour, showcased through the lenses of her glasses. Her current model is black plastic with rectangular frames. Her cheekbones are high and her nose small, so at least the glasses add some distinction to her face. The rest of her frame is similarly unremarkable to Jen’s mind, being small, slight, and shorter than average. Her skin is pale and doesn’t tan, but she doesn’t usually show much skin or her figure anyway, as she prefers to dress in baggy jeans and hoodies. If she is wearing jewellery it is a black choker around her neck or plastic bracelets along her arms. She has her right ear pierced, but at the top, in the cartilage, because conformity is overrated.