Victor Callahan

Character Information

Age: 16
Gender: Male

Student Demographics

Year 6
House: Crotalus
Badge(s): Prefect

Physical Description

Victor has curly dark brown hair and brown eyes. His slightly babyish face has faded away with puberty, leaving a somewhat handsome, laughing face with a smile that seems to be a in a permanent grin. He is of average height, and has a sense of mischief and fun about him. Attempts to school his features into a serious expression often fail, but he can be serious about some things, such as his family name and reputation.


The Irish-American Callahan family have been amongst pureblood society for centuries. They arrived in America in the 17th Century from Ireland, along with many other magical and muggle families. Originally settling in Massachusetts (as did many Irish families), this particular branch of the family have since moved to Idaho, preferring the open spaces that are to be found in one of the least densely populated states of America. Another benefit of moving to Idaho was the Callahan’s move into the gemstone trade, particularly star garnets, which has increased the wealth of this particular branch of the family. Whilst encouraging responsibility and a sense of decorum, the Callahans do not expect completely perfect behaviour from their children whilst at home (unless, of course, visitors are staying). It is only in the wider world that they are expected to behave in a way that benefits their family. Behaving in a way that benefits the Callahan family means mixing with the right people, not getting too friendly with the wrong people, and, eventually, finding a nice pureblood of the opposite gender to marry.