Emerald Brockert

Character Information

Age: 16
Birthday: September 16
Gender: Female
Wand: Fir

Student Demographics

Year 6
House: Aladren
Badge(s): Prefect

Physical Description

Family & Friends

Ruby Brockert-Sister and best friend, third year Teppenpaw
Topaz Brockert-Sister, some what nemesis and total pain in the you know where, first year Aladren
Mortimer Brockert-Grandfather, Headmaster
Allegra Brockert-First cousin, first year Crotalus
Owen Brockert-Second cousin once removed, Teppenpaw alum, former Head Boy
Angelique Brockert- Second cousin once removed, seventh year Crotalus, Prefect
Alessa Hinckley Jacobs-Second cousin, Aladren alumna

Zeke Brockert-Father
Opal Brockert-Mother
Sapphire Brockert-Sister
Jasper Brockert-Brother
Amethyst Brockert-Sister

Esme,Isla and Olaf Brockert, Christopher and Alma Brockert-First cousins

Amelia Layne-Roommate, friend
Flo Newell-Roommate, friend
Kit Reid-Roommate,friend
Sawyer Matheson-Friend
Winston Pierce-Friend
Victor Callahan-Friend