Sebastien Evreux

Character Information

Age: 17
Gender: Male

Student Demographics

Year 7
House: Crotalus

Physical Description

Sébastien has a charming and friendly smile, and blue eyes that are sometimes cold. He is a little small for his age, and good-looking in a sweet way. His blonde hair is always neatly combed back (and sometimes gelled), and he is never seen in anything but the finest clothes. Overall, he gives out the appearance of a charming little boy, although with an air of expectation that some may consider to be haughty.


The Évreux family are a rich French pureblood family, with a long ancestry (although not the longest). They are quite controlling, and considered rather old-fashioned by some. They can be quite ruthless, but are never implicated in any scandals or dubious goings-on (it never does to get one’s hands dirty). The Évreux family have lots of land in France, having profited from the French Revolution, which is where most of their money came from. They are not in the highest ranks of French noblesse, and as such resent those born into better families. They are always trying to improve their family’s standing.