Finbar Scott

Character Information

Age: 17
Gender: Male

Student Demographics

Year 7
House: Teppenpaw

Physical Description

Finn Scott is of medium height and quite slim. He has blond hair that is often slightly curly, and dark brown eyes that he has inherited from his grandfather’s side of the family. He has quite a wide face shape, which generally bears a serious look, although that often breaks into sudden smiles.


Finn is of the Maryland Scotts, one of the families that comprise the East Scotts. As such, he comes from a respected and wealthy American pureblood family, and has been brought up to behave as befits his status. The East Scotts have long-inherited wealth and good investments, and very good business and money sense (which his grandfather is trying to pass on to him). All the East Scotts have a strong dislike for the West Scotts (whom they consider to be less respectable and even slightly scandalous), but Finn’s immediate family aren't as vocal about this dislike, and don’t feel as strongly as other East Scotts.