Rory Taransay

Written By: Louis Valois

Physical Description


Rory is from a traditionally pureblooded family, but his father married a muggleborn witch. Rory's school career was at Hogwarts, where his was in Gryffindor house. His interests include brushes with death, and interesting creatures. Rory left his family home in Scotland at the age of 18 to travel the world as assistant to the renowned, albeit eccentric, magical creatures professor Matthias Gould. The next eight years had been a whirlwind of foreign countries, new cultures and languages, and a whole lot of dangerous animals. It had been an encounter with one such dangerous animal – a Romanian dragon, in fact – that had ended Matthias Gould’s adventures, and left Rory more than a little shaken. His brother Quinn, now ensconced in America with a wife and children, had suggested that Rory’s experience would make teaching the ideal job, so Rory had decided to attempt settling down. He’d always been close to Quinn, and had made some good friends from America, so decided to apply for the teaching post that had recently become available at Sonora Academy of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Character Information

Age: 33
Gender: Male

Staff Demographics

Position: Care of Magical Creatures
Years Employed: SA26 - Present


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