Louis Valois

Character Information

Age: 19
Gender: Male

Student Demographics

SA30 Graduate
House: Aladren
Badge(s): Prefect & Quidditch Captain
Graduation Award: Man of the People

Physical Description


The Valois family have been part of French pureblood society for centuries, and their fashion business (well known for quality and high price) has been passed down the generations. There are rumours that the family are related to the old French Royal House of Valois, although this is never denied or confirmed. Unlike many pureblood families, the Valoises are not openly concerned with the presence of muggleborns in the magical world. However, they rarely associate with them (and never marry them) due to the lack of connections to be found there. Louis has recently inherited the Valois fashion business, due to his father's death, and is currently working with his paternal grandmother to reform both the company, and family image. Louis doesn't understand the divide between society and non-society, or pureblood and those of other blood, and his reforms reflect this. The Valois brand continues to be high-quality and expensive, but is aimed at all who can afford. For example, Louis is currently developing a line of muggle clothing.