Ginger Pierce

Character Information

Age: 20
Birthday: May 2nd
Gender: Female
Wand: Pear Wood with Unicorn Hair, 11 inches

Student Demographics

SA29 Graduate
House: Teppenpaw
Badge(s): Quidditch Captain
Best Class: Divination

Physical Description

Ginger has blue eyes and light brown hair.


Ginger is a California Pierce, the daughter of the acting Matriarch.

Family & Friends

Jemima and Lauren are her roommates and closest friends at Sonora.
Jake Manger is her boyfriend.
Liliana was her mentor
Lena and Mackenzie were her mentees
Eden Manager is like a little sister

Maria Pierce is her mom, the acting Matriarch of the California Pierces.
Yoko is the cousin she usually shares a tent with at home (when she's not staying in her mom's RV).