John Umland

Character Information

Age: 21
Birthday: September 23rd
Gender: Male
Wand: Original - Sycamore and dragon heartstring. Second - yew and dragon heartstring.

Student Demographics

SA28 Graduate
House: Aladren
Badge(s): Head Boy, Prefect & Quidditch Captain
Best Class: John is confused by your implication that he's not good at everything.

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Midsummer Ball, First Year
John and Theodore are both chess fans who are reluctant to attend the Midsummer Ball.

Physical Description

Family & Friends

John's family is, in his view, almost entirely nuclear: there are his parents (Chris and Alison), his four siblings (older brothers Stephen and Paul, older sister Julian, younger brother Joe), and, if he really must, his brother-in-law William Welles. He recognizes the existence of two sets of grandparents, two aunts, and an uncle, but is not particularly close to any of them and thinks of them relatively little when not going to his American Grandma Umland's fourth of July celebrations or visiting Granddad's parents' cabin in the mountains for a week each summer. As far as friends go, he is, due to his lifelong social awkwardness and difficulty understand the motivations and behavior of other humans, surprised and confused by the number of friends he has ended up with: aside from Joanie Murphy, there's Clark Dill, who he befriended in his first year at Sonora and has maintained a relationship with every since, and Sammy Meeks, who befriended him for reasons he can't begin to fathom in his seventh year and then just kept showing up and writing him and that one time tricking him into being civil to some gay Unitarians, and at school Aislinn Nicholls, though that was complicated by the realization that Aislinn had more than strictly platonic feelings for him.

Highlights from Sonora

John's Sonora years began well: he was Sorted into Aladren, which he found an excellently agreeable place to live from the start, not least because he had a room (and therefore a laboratory) all to himself, and while he completely failed to make much of a Chaser on the Quidditch team in his first year, he found his niche as a Beater the next year. He became involved in multiple campus groups, made his second-ever real friend, and learned how to bulldoze through assignments, both homework and in-class, so they took minimal time away from his reading and private projects.

Life after Sonora

After Sonora, John reconciled with his family and finally told the members of it who didn't already know about Joanie. This caused some hard feelings, but these were worked through, or else put aside in the face of the larger change to family life which occurred when his sister Julian married her boyfriend of several years. Soon after, John formally matriculated at university in New York state (amusingly, to his mind, switching countries with Clark, who was in nearby Toronto) at the school he had wanted to attend since age nine. Just before moving, he bought a broken wizard's tent - in effect, once its charms were repaired, a small apartment - from his elderly wizard grandfather and set it up in the woods, so he could both conserve money and determine his own level of sociability. All this was precisely to his liking, which is why it came as an unpleasant surprise to him that he still couldn't really claim to be happy.