Clark Dill

Written By: Nathan Xavier

Physical Description

Clark's most notable physical trait is his height. He is very tall. This becomes even more pronounced when he’s seen standing next to his dad, who is remarkably short.

Clark is blond and blue eyed, and looks like he probably has a strong dose of Scandinavian blood. He was, in fact, born in Estonia, though this knowledge has been unfortunately lost to him.

He’s physically fit from a strong Quidditch practice regime, and he’s got a pleasant and perpetually cheerful collection of facial features. His attractiveness is balanced somewhat however, by a sense of style that may be best described as 90s nerdy chic. Most of his wardrobe, other than his Quidditch clothes, tends toward khakis and sweater vests.


Clark was born in Estonia to a poor magical couple. They emigrated illegally to California where they lived in a storage unit for a time until Immigration caught up to them. His mom had noticed another unit housed a college student who was quite clearly brilliant and destined to mark it far in the world. She’d seen him do enough magic to be certain he was a wizard, and when she spoke in broken English with him once, he seemed to fully support protecting illegal aliens from the government so she left her boy with him, hoping the American young man could provide a better future for her child than she and her husband could when they had to run or be deported.

Family & Friends

The only family Clark grew up knowing was his Dad, Zack Dill, who explained to him when he was quite young that he was an alien child, but Zack had adopted him and would keep him safe from the Government that wanted to dissect him and his alien people who were looking to kidnap him and take him to his ancestral home planet. It was scary, being an alien on Earth, but most days, Clark lived a life that seemed completely normal.

He met most of Dad’s family when he was nearly grown, when the grandfather he’d never met passed away and they went to his funeral. Having a grandma was pretty cool, but Uncle Nick made him nervous.

At Sonora, his best friend was John Umland in the year below his. They had similar interests in scientific exploration. He was also friends with Lena Westley, and they started dating in their sixth year.

Highlights from Sonora

Clark’s time at Sonora started in a terrifying way. Aliens from his biological father’s planet held the school hostage and the teachers were too busy defending the school from extraterrestrial invasion to teach them, so the Head Boy and Girl took over leadership of the basic running of the school until the mothership was finally driven off. The cover story was that there was some kind of Charms Facility malfunction nearby, but Clark knew what it had really been about: Kidnapping Clark. He was glad the bad aliens had been defeated, but he felt guilty for putting the school at risk like that. Fortunately, the anti-alien defences were improved and most of his remaining school life was uneventful.

The exception was the Satori. That creature read Clark’s secret from his mind and tried to tell the world, but fortunately he thought only Professor Skies saw it before he scoured the words clean. She either didn’t understand what it meant or was willing to protect his secret from the Government, because nobody came to take him away that summer, though he and Dad remained on high alert for most of the next year after that.

Life after Sonora

Clark got a Quidditch scholarship to the University of Toronto. He’s taking a lot of science courses while trying to decide what he actually wants to major in. He went through his freshman year with ‘undecided’ as his official field of study, then for his sophomore year, he had to decide on something so he went with ‘Astronomy’ but he thinks he might change it again but he’s not sure...

Character Information

Age: 22
Birthday: Who knows? But he celebrates it in November
Gender: Male

Student Demographics

SA27 Graduate
House: Aladren
Badge(s): Prefect & Quidditch Captain


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