Eleanor Vandenberg

Character Information

Age: 23
Birthday: May 4
Gender: Female

Student Demographics

SA25 Graduate
House: Crotalus
Badge(s): Prefect
Best Class: DADA

Physical Description

Eleanor is a lovely half-Chinese, half-Dutch girl. She has naturally tan skin, an envy of all her friends, large hazel-green eyes, and a soft mouth. Her dark brown hair frames her oval-shaped face. Eleanor has well-trimmed eyebrows that give her an exotic look and high cheekbones. At different angles she can look fully Asian or fully Caucasian.


Eleanor “Nellie” Vandenberg was born to a Chinese mother from Los Angeles and a mostly Dutch (and a little Irish) father from London. She was born in Los Angeles, but moved to Surrey when she was three years old for her father to be closer to his then-sick aunt. While there, they came into contact with the Princetons and Nellie became fast friends with Leo Princeton. She was tutored at the Princeton Manor from five years old to ten and played with the boys, usually just Leo, while her mother had tea with Leo’s mother. She learned to garden and play a little bit of Quidditch there. She had a monstrous crush on Leo ever since she was seven and they used to be childhood sweethearts.

Family & Friends

Nellie’s father is a healer who works at the Princeton Hospital in Surrey and her mother is an accountant who works from home. Nellie used to consider Leo Princeton her best friend, but they had a falling out. She was close with Tristan.

Highlights from Sonora

Nellie was an ambitious witch who took her studies very seriously. She helped Leo Princeton with homework until their sixth year, when she realized that he was just using her. She was on a mission to find herself a husband, and when Tristan showed interest in her, she welcomed him as a potential prospect.