Wendy Canterbury

Character Information

Age: 25
Birthday: April 20
Gender: Female

Student Demographics

SA23 Graduate
House: Pecari
Badge(s): Head Girl & Prefect
Best Class: Charms

Physical Description

Wendy has blonde hair and hazel-green eyes. She loves wearing bright, fashionable clothing and being bold and daring with her outfits.


Both Wendy and her sister are muggle-borns. Her mother is a baker and a musician from a wealthy family in North Carolina, and her father is an auto engineer. They live in Phoenix, Arizona.

Family & Friends

Wendy has an older sister, Waverly.

Highlights from Sonora

Wendy's best friend during school was Carter. She did relatively well in her classes and ended up being Head Girl her seventh year. She dated Rupert Princeton her last year at Sonora, but it didn't last.

Life after Sonora

Wendy went back home after graduation to work at her mom’s bakery and date around. She started taking classes by post at a local college where her interest in Magical Creatures and Herbology grew. A year later, she ended up exploring more of the field through volunteer work, but she's very hesitant to leave home for more schooling.