Jake Daniels

Written By: Jake "JD" Daniels

Physical Description

Jake “JD” Daniels is the most comfortable in what he knows best. He dislikes the strict school uniform and usually spends the first week of each school year in detention for refusing to comply until his schoolwork catches up with him. That’s when he realizes that he should spend less time protesting the dress code and more time studying if he doesn’t want to get behind.

When he’s not hiding his sick style under those ugly green school robes, JD can be found lounging around in jeans and a white t-shirt with an open flannel thrown over it. JD wears his brown hair messy and always has a smile on his face—it could be a strategy to enrapture the ladies with his cute little dimple, or he could simply just be that happy. Nobody knows.


Authenticity, integrity, empathy, and hard work, these are the small town values instilled in JD from a young age in the town where he grew up. It’s the kind of town where people leave their doors unlocked even with rising crime in other areas, where everyone owns a truck in case they needed to help their neighbor, where you can go next door to borrow a cup of sugar without worrying that someone will stick a gun in your face. The unofficial town motto is: You give back to the community that which feeds you.

The Daniels family owns a nice restaurant in Cape Trimble with a view of Trimble Lighthouse which the town is named after. The restaurant is called The Lighthouse because there isn’t a creative bone in the entire family. JD grew up helping out at The Lighthouse and catching fresh seafood with his Dad to stock the restaurant fridge.

JD’s first magical act was only a sign of the powers to come. When he was only two, his parents took him to the county fair (he was an only child at the time) to break the news to him that his mother was pregnant. When they told him, he knocked the bell on the church tower off with a child’s toy hammer he was so angry. This obviously required MACUSA’s Obliviation Department to show up an deal with the problem. MACUSA then assigned a magical Nanny to help with JD’s powers until he was old enough to go to school.

The family was unsure of the addition but soon learned to embrace both her and JD’s abilities especially when she helped him to come to terms with the arrival of his new sister who, upon birth, he doted on. The community lauded the Daniels family for giving work to a woman in need and their stock only rose higher. JD idolized her because she taught him how to dream bigger than anyone in his family had ever dreamed.

After JD started his first year at Sonora, his Nanny stayed in Cape Trimble to work as a waitress in the restaurant because she fell in love with the community. She serves breakfast on Saturdays and helps JD when he comes home over the break with school topics he particularly struggled with during the school year. JD has always harbored a soft spot for her and can’t imagine her ever leaving him.

Character Information

Age: 11
Birthday: April 25
Gender: Male

Student Demographics

Year 1
House: Teppenpaw


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